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There is a need to keep your greyhound's plastic identification card and the weight card together.  Keeping this information together is most likely a carrying on of process from when we had papers and the weight card in the one folder.

However, in saying that it makes sense to keep doing this, thus reducing the risk of losing the weight card.  If you keep the weight card with the plastic ID card in the folder provided you'll always know where it is and reduce the risk of turning up at a race meeting minus your weight card.  Remember it is your responsibility to ensure that the weight card is recorded accurately and is the weight on the screen of the scale.

This is the only review stream that the NCA of Victoria actually has and in purchasing these plastic ID holder from either the NCA of Victoria representative or one of the clubs your are supporting coursing.

To purchase these ID card holders you can send an email to our secretary who will arrange the supply and a tax invoice for you.  Simply send you name and address  and the quantity of cards you wish to purchase.  The cards are $3.00 each and for every 10 you purchase you will receive one free of charge.  Please Email Secretary@ncavic.com.au or ring 03 5998 4614 and leave a message.