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The Executive of the National Coursing Association of Victoria is elected at their Annual General Meeting from Club delegates who are nominated by each coursing club.  Each club can have respresentation of up to three delegates attending at the AGM.

The role of the National Coursing Association of Victoria Inc (NCAV) is to administrate coursing. The NCAV are governed by Greyhound Racing Victoria and are to adhere to their guidelines, Rules & Regulations, Policies and Procedures and Code of Ethics of the GRV. The NCAV as an incorporated association has a constitution with which it manages its affairs and also that of the clubs registered for coursing. The Annual General Meeting is conducted in October each year whereby delegates (3 maximum)  nominated from each of the registered clubs attend.  From these delegates a 12 person executive is elected.

To comply with Corporate Affairs and its constitutional requirements our financial accounts are audited each year.  Once elected each executive member although a representative from a coursing club now has a more responsible objective rather than that from a club's perspective, they now have to oversee a far wider role to coursing in Victoria as a whole and in general. 

The Executive that manages Coursing in Victoria are the following personnel:-

President: Mr Peter Craig (Lang Lang Coursing Club)  T: 0418 399 911
Vice President: Mr Geoff Villinger (VCC)  T: 0417 524 632
Mrs Sue Delaney (Melton GRC)

Mobile:  0425 737 418

Emails: Secretary@ncavic.com.au

Postal Address: 6 Mark Court, DIGGERS REST 3427

Treasurer: Mr John E Barsby (Werribee Coursing Club)

Other Executive members are: 
Bernie Ryan (Werribee CC); Murray Collyer (Benalla PCC); John Clay (Lang Lang CC); John McFarlane (Melton GRC); Garry Robinson (Longwood CC); John Maple (VCC); Allan Meyer (VCC)

Life Members of the National Coursing Assoc. of Vic.

Mr K Callaghan; Mr P Craig; Mr G Fitzpatrick; Mr A Grimmond;Mr  J Harris;  Mr D Hinks; Mr J Maple; Mrs M Mills; Mr T Mills; Mr T Smith; Mr J Van Echteld OAM; Mr G Villinger; Ms H Villinger.

Mr P Lambert (dec.); Mrs W Pearl (dec.); Mr N Ryan (dec.) Mr R Adams (dec.); Mr S Cleghorn (dec.)