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There are many fine stories about coursing in the state of Victoria, although South Australia conducted the first organised coursing meeting way back in the 1870's.  We plan to keep you posted on all manner of things coursing and firstly we should be proud that the first states to race greyhounds competitively (being Sth Australia & Victoria) are both still in the hunt (so to speak). 

Racing greyhounds whether it is coursing or track racing certainly gets into your blood and once there it seems that there is no way of removing it. For many it becomes a life long passion and let's be honest, greyhounds are wonder animals.  Talk about Layback Larry (a name that many greyhounds could adopt).  The pages associated with this page all relate in some way to our long history.

Have a look and see what you think, from time to time other bits of history will be added our historian Heather Villinger has loads of items.