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WRITE UPS FOR THE 2017 SEASON...........................



Being a bragger doesn’t always pay off.  The weather gods turned the tables somewhat at the Waterloo Cup meeting at Longwood (Day 2). Whilst it rained heavily overnight in Euroa, one thought beauty let’s get that done and dusted.  As can happen in Victoria you can get several variations of weather all on the one day, and we did.  Blustery wind, driving rain, and plenty of sunshine in between two major ‘showers’.  The good news is that the cooler weather is much better for coursing greyhounds.

Only one greyhound could have their name engraved on the perpetual trophy detailing all the winners since it was first conducted in 1873 by the Victoria Coursing Club.  There’s a long history for coursing in Victoria. all 144 years of it and our last 7 greyhounds were all worthy of reaching the final.  Which two would get there was the question on everyone’s lips.


Better Than This had the score on the board being the 2016 Waterloo Cup winner and winning three events this season.  My Cousin Jim had coursed successfully at Longwood 2 weeks prior, so you knew he’d give it his best shot.  Avatar Minty was the only bitch left and this was her first soiree into coursing, she was an unknown quantity.  Down Mexico Way had coursed excellently during the season winning twice at the Down Street, Longwood venue.  Indianna Keroma was making his coursing debut and did not disappoint, and was another unknown quantity.  Night Attack had coursed in 4 meetings during the season reaching the final in all 4, with 2 wins and 2 runners up.  Leeroy Rogue was a debut performer to coursing but proved that given the chance he’s put his best paws forward. 

All quarter finalists had coursed 3 times on Saturday so they’d reached the half way mark of the event.  Wining a quarter final in an event of the type is not easy.  It’s one of the hardest courses to win and all your care and attention to your greyhound is not always enough.  It’s up to the greyhound, and like human athletes some pull up and recover quicker and better after a run.

Better Than This off the red collar defeated My Cousin Jim carrying the white collar, Down Mexico Way wearing the white collar Defeated Avatar Minty (red collar) , Night Attack wearing the white collar defeated Indianna Keroma sporting the red collar and Leeroy Rogue wearing a red collar completed a bye.

The semi-finals saw Ashlee Terry’s Better Than This defeat Malcom Davis’ Down Mexico Way giving Better Than This at chance at a second Waterloo Cup and his opponent would be Leigh Howard’s Night Attack who defeated the interstater Leeroy Rogue trained by Jeff Crawford.

Due to the wonders of modern electronic technology for the first time in the history of the Victorian Waterloo Cup you could watch it live from your own lounge room or anywhere off course.  This came about with GRV live streaming the final of the Waterloo Cup.  We had 600 hits in the first 15 minutes within an hour 1.1K hits.  Better Than This took out this history making Waterloo Cup when he defeated Night Attack.


For greyhounds run out in the first round of the Waterloo Cup.

The final of the Waterloo Plate was eagerly contested by kennel mates Sweet Spud and Last Outlaw, for Malcolm Davis with Last Outlaw getting the upper hand (or is that paw).  Last Outlaw is still a puppy by coursing standards and his coursing form has been exemplary during the season with wins in the two classic puppy events, the Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship and the Victorian Derby.  The Derby was first contested in 1875.  Sweet Spud has also had a stellar season winning 2 events.  Another of Annette Kampman’s Tally Ho Team, Tally Ho Jack had performed well all season winning twice and being runner up once but found having beaten Fiery Melody in the Quarter and coming up against Sweet Spud who was first past the post.  Sweet Spud defeated Susan Pitstock’s Biretta in the quarter final. Brietta who made her coursing debut on Saturday will hopefully come back bigger and stronger next year.  Groucho had both a win and a runner up in his coursing form during the season but found it tough coming up against Last Outliner in the Quarter final, putting an end to his claims on the Waterloo Plate.


For greyhounds run out in the second round of the Waterloo Cup.

Yvonne Carter’s Hungry Heart had coursed successfully at Longwood early in the season and he too is still a puppy but Provenance proved too strong in the semi-final with a win thus wearing the red collar in the final.  Dual Keroma had early season coursing form winning his maiden at Benalla in May and he sent Tally Ho Len back to the float ending a grand season of coursing for Annette Kampman.  Dual Keroma would wear the white collar.  The final was won by Dual Keroma wearing the white collar for Susan Pitstock and Craig Elliott’s Provenance ran up wearing the red.


A challenge event with greyhounds run out on the prior day being eligible to be nominated.  Preference is given to the greyhounds who were ran out in the 3rd round of the Waterloo Cup.  Three greyhounds were nominated from the 3rd round ‘run outs’ with another 10 being nominated.  A draw for the event was held to determine 5 more greyhounds for a field of 8.  A further draw of the 8 greyhounds was conducted to determine their position in the event.

Sean Lithgow’s Gotham Queen won this event after being defeated in the 3rd round of the Waterloo Cup by My Cousin Jim.  Runner up was My Name’s Schultz for Graeme Campbell.


This event was for ‘the oldies’ some of them just love to chase.  The Final was won by Magic Buddie (September 2011 whelping – yes nearly 6 years old) for Calvin Russell by defeating David Dawson’s Puzzle And Me (August 2012 whelping). 


Due to the scratching of Aeroplane Barney, Little Boy Jed gained a run as a reserve and turned his good fortune into something better for trainer Fay Vantaarling with a place in the final.  That’s where the good luck ended as Alisdair Armstrong’s Wings For Woody had the upper hand in the final and reached the winning line first.


Dallas Massina debuted one of her puppies at our last meeting in the season.  It was worth waiting for as he defeated Theo Van Taarling’s Lodge’s Express who was just starting to warm to coursing.  Look out for both of these greyhounds next season.


This event saw To The Galo’s for Murray Collyer win at his third attempt at coursing he’s a bit of an old timer too. (that’s To The Galo’s not Murray) being a December 2012 Whelping.  To The Galo’s defeated Stuart Divers’ Sicario who was a first time courser.


Pictish Mark trained by Jason Formosa and ably handled for the day by Jess Fothergill won this event with a win in the final over Brian Fothergill’s Swift Spur.


Stoppa Bus made his coursing debut for Yvonne Divers when he defeated Ray Whybrow’s Racecourse Road in the final.  Sometimes you see greyhounds’ names give a whole new spin to an event.  One would not Stop a Bus on Racecourse Road, maybe one could?


Alice Peat’s Laurence Avenue was another to make her coursing debut with a win in the final wearing the white collar when she defeated Sean Van Taarling’s Shazza’s Gift (red collar).  Shazza was another who was just warming to this coursing caper.


Ian Garland is in fine form since competing in the previous Longwood meeting.  He’s winning races, winning raffles and it is like everything he touches turns to gold.  He continued on his winning way when Kay Are Emm making her coursing debut defeated Steve Collyer’s Lireva who was coursing for the first time this season.


The Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club sponsored our Waterloo Cup and firstly we must than them for their continued support of coursing.  We also thank Ross Farmer for making the journey North on the Sunday morning as Cranbourne Greyhound racing Club conducted one of their Classic meetings the night before.  We gave Ross the honour of drawing the raffle.

You all know what the prizes were so we don’t need to go over old ground, do we?  Ok, $500 voucher(1st), $200 voucher (2nd) and $100 voucher (3rd) that’s it in brief.

The first ticket out was ticket number B267 and yep it had Ian Garland’s name all over it.  Talk about when your luck’s in.  Ian was on course and he collected his prize immediately, not sure if his other half knows about the win but the word’s about to go out.

The second ticket to be drawn was ticket number B340 and it was in the name of Gary Condon.  Gary runs the Murphy’s Trial Track in Carrum Downs and many local trainers in the Cranbourne area use this straight track facility as aa part of their greyhounds’ training regime.

The third and last ticket to be drawn was ticket number B282 in the name of Robyn Quigley.  Robyn to was on track and grabbed the loot, I mean third prize and made a quick getaway.

Thank you to everyone who purchased a ticket in one of our two fund raisers for the year.  Thank you also to those people who assisted in selling tickets and also to the greyhound racing clubs that allowed us to sell our tickets on their race night.

I know one little boy was who was broken hearted that he did not win.  That’s hard to take when you’re just a kid.  As we get older we realise you win some and you lose some.  Roll with the punches, so to speak.   He was happy with his NCAV stubby holder, the only kid that has one of those.

As our coursing season draws to a close and we look back and reflect on what a great season it was commencing on April 2 with a Catch On To Coursing (COTC) meeting at Lang Lang followed by another COTC the following week at Longwood and culmination of the season with a two day event at Longwood for the Waterloo.  What’ll we do now?  I know footy ball finals with consume our time.

Thank you to our 3 clubs who conducted meetings this season with Benalla (2), Lang Lang (4) and Longwood (4).  Slips to Boxes meeting were conducted between Longwood and Shepparton and Lang Lang and Cranbourne.

A huge thank you to our volunteers who assist in conducting our meetings, they are worth their weight in gold and without them these meetings would not be conducted.  Thank you also too the trainers and their greyhounds who are competitors sometimes and comrades other times. 

Thank You One and All.  It truly has been a great season. 

Hope to see you in 2018.  Gee the years fly by quickly…..


Heather Villinger (Treasurer)


The weather gods smiled on coursing once again this season with a cool but sunny day.  The track was in magnificent condition and all was set for a grand season’s end to our 2017 coursing season.

With the nomination count of 50, we were assured of some great coursing for our Waterloo Cup.  Trainers came from near and far.  The NSW contingent hailed from Mangrove Mountain with team Keroma  (Kevin & Susan Pitstock), plus from further north, Buccan in Queensland, Leeroy Rogue’s trainer (Geoff Crawford) made the journey South. There was also strong support from our Victorian trainers that had supported coursing for the 2017 season.

Remember, that coursing tries to cater for the dogs run out in the first and second rounds of the Waterloo Cup with events the Waterloo Plate (run out 1st course) and the Waterloo Purse (run out 2nd course).  Many of the dogs entered for these two events after being defeated in the Waterloo Cup.


Who knows which greyhound will win but Better Than This and Leeroy Rogue have met several times in the past at Capalaba with Better Than This winning the cup however Leeroy Rogue is the track record holder and this is his first coursing event. 

My Cousin Jim is out of the Pell Team with Daniel putting the polish on ‘Jim’.  Down Mexico Way being trained by Malcolm Davis – Altona Green, and Mexico knows his way down the straight at Longwood.   Avatar Minty is trained by Rick Boehm – Dunolly and this bitch is in her first coursing event of the season. Night Attack is trained by Leigh Howard – Langwarrin and has been beaten only once this season (Longwood Cup) and Indianna Keroma trained by Susan Pitstock is also coursing for the first time.

The greyhounds to make it through to the second and final day are as follows: -


BETTER THAN THIS                           V                             MY COUSIN JIM

AVATAR MINTY                                 V                             DOWN MEXICO WAY

INDIANNA KEROMA                           V                             NIGHT ATTACK

LEEROY ROGUE                                 V                             **BYE***



FIERY MELODY                                   V                             TALLY HO JACK

SWEET SPUD                                      V                             BRIETTA

LAST OUTLAW                                   V                              GROUCHO



HUNGRY HEART                                V                              PROVENANCE

TALLY HO LEN                                    V                             DUAL KEROMA


GOTHAM QUEEN STRIKES AGAIN - meeting conducted Longwood 13th August 2017

It has taken some time but here is the write up for the meeting conducted last Sunday at the Longwood Coursing Club.  Better late than never.

This was a superb meeting that the weather gods turned on their very best weather.  The club supplied a great venue and well the canteen staff kept our bellies full.  This was penultimate meeting as head towards to the 2017 Waterloo Cup meeting (26th & 27th August).

The feature event was the Burton’s IGA Longwood Cup which saw some handy coursing greyhounds contest this event. Sean Lithgow’s (Devon Meadows) Gotham Queen once again released her super powers in the final to defeat Leigh Howard’s (Langwarrin) Night Attack.

The second event was the Bert Clark Memorial which is conducted annually, and this too saw some experienced greyhound be nominated.  Malcom Davis’ (Altona Green) seasoned campaigner Down Mexico Way defeating Annette Kampman’s (Hawksdale) Tally Ho Len.

Our third event was the Castle Creek 2 Win Limit Stake.  Billy’s Bake won his second stake of the seasons for trainer Ian Garland (Longlea) with a win over John Taylor’s (Kyabram) Pokemon Chase who was runner up.

Up next was the Elite Greyhound Products 1 Win Limit Stake.  Menindee for Robyn Massina (Golden Square) won her second coursing event of the season in defeating Proven Less for Alan Marum (Corop).

Next up the puppy events and the first of these events was the Winning Post Supplies Dog Puppy.  My Cousin Jim for Daniel Pell (Toolleen) made his coursing debut and took the chocolates as well when he defeated our 2017 Sylvester Doyle and 2017 Derby winner Malcolm Davis’ Last Outlaw.

Over to the girl puppies this even, the Manning’s Trial Track Bitch Puppy saw another of Malcolm Davis’ charges take home the winner’s cheque with Sweet Spud defeating Lachlan Scott’s (Invergordon) Scott Lucky.

Half way through the finals and up next was the Gary Thomas Maiden Dog.  Noel Massina’s Rirtakki removed his coursing maiden status when he defeated Michael Chilcott’s (Heathcote) Greysynd Hitman who was making his coursing debut.

The eighth event was the Shepparton GRV Maiden Dog and this event was taken out but Destini Florida for Geoff Smith (Mill Park).  Destini Florida defeated a greyhound that came in ‘off the bend’ (reserve) and is trained by Theo Van Taarling (Tallygaroopna).

The Bendigo GRA Maiden Dog was our ninth event and it was won by Theo Van Taarling’s (Tallygaroopna) Stylish Billy who was having his first tilt at coursing.  Seems he liked it and in the final he defeated Murray Collyer’s (Coburg East) To The Galo’s.

Event 10 was the Dishlickers Greyhound Coats Maiden Bitch and this was won by the ever consistent bridesmaid Glen Mika.  Well done to trainer David Pryse (Benloch) who persisted with Glen Mika. It was only a matter of time as to when she ticked the box.  Glen Mika defeated Alan Marum’s (Corop) Flowering Rose in the final.

Longwood Coursing Club Maiden Bitch was event 11 and it was won by Bev Pell’s (Toolleen) Dubovka.  Proven Mona for Sean Van Taarling (Tallygaroopna) was runner up.

Our final event was the NCAV Maiden Bitch and this was won by a Simon Humphries (Locksley) debutante Bambalam Emma.  Michael Chilcott’s (Heathcote) Greysynd Ebony ran up.

The success of coursing depends on those who support it and fortunately there are no shortage of trainers in this neck of the woods.  Please remember our next meeting at Longwood as it is our feature event for the whole 2017 season.  

Saturday you will see the 1st rounds of the Waterloo Cup, the Waterloo Plate and the Waterloo Purse.  If your greyhound is run out in the 1st round of the Waterloo Cup it is eligible for the Waterloo Plate, or if your greyhound is run out in the 2nd round of the Waterloo Cup it is eligible to contest the Waterloo Purse.  Trainers take note: You will automatically be entered so you need to contact the steward if your greyhound is not participating in any further event/s.

Sunday will see the continuation of the Waterloo Cup, Plate and Purse with supporting stakes.  One of which is an All Aged Veterans Event.  Give the oldies a bit of a run and there are plenty that have passed the 4 YO barrier that have coursed this year.

Dependent on nominations there will be maidens and puppy events within the support programme on Sunday.

If you have any queries whatsoever, please contact the secretary of the National Coursing Association of Victoria Mrs Sue Delaney on 9740 0444.
Heather Villinger – NCAV - Treasurer



Once again our coursing puppies strutted their stuff in the Derby and Oaks meeting conducted this weekend at Lang Lang Coursing Club.  With Derby & Oaks Consolations 1 & 2 also being conducted.

The Sale Greyhound Racing Club have sponsored our Derby & Oaks meetings for several years and we thank them for their sponsorship.  For the record our first Derby & Oaks meeting was conducted way, way back in 1875.

Our nominations were lower than expected but the quality was evident in some fine courses throughout the weekend.

DERBY 2017

Malcolm Davis’ Last Outlaw showed why he won the Sylvester Doyle at Longwood in June and once again displayed his coursing prowess winning the 2017 Derby defeating Gavin Clifton’s Destroyer who made his coursing debut. That’s a pretty good start to a coursing career making the final on one of our puppy classics. 

OAKS 2017

Sean Lithgow’s Gotham Queen showed her true class when she was coursing against the other female puppies.  Gotham Queen coursed beautifully all weekend and in the final she defeated Baby Houseman another debutante.   Baby Houseman is trained by Darren Archer and Rosemary Archer stepped up to the plate and handled “Baby” for the weekend.

Carrying on in our coursing tradition greyhounds that were run out of the DERBY and OAKS in the first round were eligible to contest a Consolation 1 event.  With the run outs” in the second round eligible for the Consolation 2 event.  Why do we do this?  Someone is going to be run out by the eventual winners early in the event, so we give all greyhounds beaten in the first two round another chance at some stake money.


Dave Dawson was in the winner’s circle again with his courser He Shall Peter who defeated Darren Archer’s Buzz Nation who was also a first time courser.


Gavin Clifton’s Buzz Off Sally (another debutante) defeated Julie Belsham’s My Girl Lois.  Great to see “Lois” who has coursed most of the season get into the prize money rounds.  Persistence pays off, congratulations Julie.


Michael Ryan’s Mia Crazy defeated Dave Dawson’s My Hansa.  Both of these greyhounds have coursed previously in the 2017 coursing season.


Peter Borradale’s AZANA took home the goodies when she defeated David Wilcocks’ Middle Trucker.  Both of these two greyhounds had not coursed previously.


BANJOY BOY @ STUD ALL AGED was won by Better Than This (he’s never been beaten when it comes to coursing) and he ran 2nd on Wednesday night last at Cranbourne over the 311 metres in the George Caruana Memorial Slips to Boxes event.  Better Than This (BTT) defeated a greyhound that is taking to coursing like a duck to water.  Leigh Howard’s Night Attack has coursed twice in the last month winning once and being running up in this event.

LARMAX TADING MAIDEN BITCH this event was won by Peter Craig’s Dynamic Rainbow who had her second tilt at coursing.  She defeated Peter Grice’s I’m Livin’ It who was making her coursing debut.

The RAMS LOCKSMITHS MAIDEN BITCH was won by White Line Lass for Jimmy Redenbach.  Pauline Laidley’s Challis Annie was runner up. 

The SILVER EAGLE MIXED MAIDEN was won by Ian Garland’s BILLY’S BAKE (yep another debutante) defeating Pat Ryan’s Adala Prince who he too was a first time courser.

In the VIOLA WASTE MAIDEN DOG and finally Annette Kampman’s Tally Ho Len won his maiden, so far this coursing season he’s coursed 4 times, previously being a 3 time runner up. His first course saw him run a sizzling 16.52 on BTT can do that. Annette has travelled from the Western District to course her greyhounds and has not missed a meeting.  We love you Annette. Tally Ho Len defeated Peter Borradale’s Bermar Terry who coursed last season (2016).

Our last event was the ELGAS MAIDEN and her we saw Jimmy Redenbach’s Coolan Flash have his first win at the coursing with the withdrawal due to injury of Sharyn Combridge’s Woofa Combo. 

Thank you to all the volunteers that give their time to enable coursing meeting to be conducted.  Also thank you to those trainers that support us and realise what a huge benefit coursing is for their greyhounds. 

Finally a tip for all you punters out there,  watch for any of these greyhounds when if they race in the next 5-10 days, you could back a winner a satisfying odds.


Heather Villinger – Treasurer NCAV

It was minus3 deg., as I turned off the Highway towards Pakenham South heading towards LangLang with the frost covering the paddocks as far as the eye could see.  The Lang Lang track was as if it had snowedovernight with not a piece of green grass to be seen, even the trees weretouched by the white frost.
The saving grace was the knowledge that the sunwould show its face by midmorning to warm our already cold toes and fingers andthe Lang Lang canteen staff would soon have their egg and bacon rolls and hotcoffee on the ready.The first 4events on the program were the George Caruana Memorial Slips to Boxes Challengewith the Winner and Runner-Up going through to compete at Cranbourne on July12, over 311 metres.  All heats werehotly contested.

EVENT 1. Tricia Curtain’s(Cranbourne South) BE D., NICKY DALdefeating Annette Kampman of Hawksdale’s WBK D., TALLY HO JACK in the final. Both dogs defeating with strong winsagainst Miss Mercy, Padma Grange, Ido Voodoo, Orataya and Why Not George to getto the final course.

EVENT 2. A first time coursertrained by Robert Redenbach (Cranbourne) BK D, COOLAN KING defeat TALLY HOBILLY trained by Annette Kampman of Hawksdale.  Coolan King defeating Tiny Bopper andTangoette on the way through to the final with Tally Ho Billy defeating MyrtleGrange and Mea Rose.

EVENT 3. Another first time coursershowed promise today, BENNY’S LEGENDtrained by Robert Whitford of Yarram going down in the final to the consistentcourser this season trained by John Taylor of Kyabram POKEMON CHASE. The dogs defeated in this event were Lord Somersby,Severus Grange and Collan Flash, Lady of Ellie and Flowering Rose.

. Probably the strongestof the four events on the day saw Catsford Allan defeat Platinum Hepple who hasnot coursed since the 2015 season. Dave Dawson’s Mendacious Lad go down to Better Than This trained by AshleyTerry.  In the second half of the draw wesaw Karoake Ken defeated by Peter Craig’s TysonTrump. With My Names Schultz defeated in the next heat by Tyson Trump.

Failingscratching’s the George Caruana Memorial Slips To Boxes Challenge are in nospecific order:-NICKY DAL, TALLY HO JACK, COOLAN KING,TALLY HO BILLY, BENNY’S LEGEND, POKEMON CHASE, BETTER THAN THIS, TYSON TRUMP.

EVENTS 5 & 6 were DERBY& OAKS TRIALS for the upcoming Derby and Oaks meeting to be run on Sat.,& Sunday July 15 and 16th.EVENT 5. WINNING POST SUPPLIES DERBY& OAKS MIXED TRIAL. Both dogs in this heat were first time coursers- BROADCAST TED a FD., Trained byChloe Allan of Healesville, O: James Vandemaat went toe to toe with ALL BLING BK D., O/T: Carol Westerlo ofClyde. Both promising youngsters Broadcast Ted litter brother to LIEU KNEEANNIE; GOTHAM QUEEN; ERUPT EVE LAD (S: Barcia Bale D: Evie’s Entity) all new tothe coursing scene this year.

Recent R/Up in the 2017 Sylvester Doyle Puppy Champs., LIEU KNEE ANNIE O: James Vandemaat T: Darren Ryan of Boronia wastoo strong for FLEET TRADES BK B O:Michael Linguroski T: Robert Redenback (Cranbourne) at her first venture ontothe coursing arena.  All competitors in E5 & 6 should benefit from their courses today going into the Derby &Oaks in two weeks

EVENT 7. LARMAX TADING MIXED MAIDEN.  RAGING INFERNO BK D., O: Gee Jay On MajorT: Geoffrey Howell of Pearcedale too strong for the ever consistent last seasoncourser FIESTY IVY, BK B., O:Pasquale Derubeis T: Gregory Graham of Woodleigh.

EVENT 8. RAMS LOCKSMITHS MAIDEN DOG.INTER SAM BK D., O/T: Tony Interligi’sfirst day at coursing defeated TALLY HOLEN WBK D., O/T: Annette Kampmann of Hawksdale.

EVENT 9. SILVER EAGLE MAIDEN DOG.  Afterthe withdrawal in the final of DUNDEEFURY, O/T: Geoffrey Scott-Smith of Pakenham left the way clear for SHARE BK D., O: Alan Campbell T: AaronCampbell of Drouin to win this event.

EVENT 10. VIOLA WASTE MAIDEN DOG. Ofthe 8 dogs entered in this event there were only 2 that had coursed before. Oneof the first time coursers AGED BADLY, BKD., O/T: Geoffrey Scott-Smith ofPakenham went on to defeat SO EASY,BK D., O/T: Robert Whitford of Yarram having coursed once in April.

Therewere 2 scratchings in this event. The reserve dog Oxygen Bandit unsuccessful inhis heat against DUKE OF DALLAS BKD., O/T: David Schwarz of Dallas. Of the 3 dogs in the lower half of the draw NIGHT ATTACK BK D., O/T: Leigh Howardof Langwarrin went through to win the event over DUKE OF DALLAS.

Trainer Geoffrey Howell of Pearcedale’s debutantcourser SPRING ACE a BD B., O: JustCause defeated FIERY MELODY BK B.,O: Final Fling T: Murray Collyer of Coburg East.

Sue Delaney (NCAV Secretary)

Trainers came from near and far to make this meeting a successful meeting for the Longwood Coursing Club. The next Longwood meeting ‘Longwood Cup’ and Bert Clark Memorial (August 13th) will be a lead up to the 2017 Waterloo Cup. We now head off to Lang Lang. With their next meeting conducted on July 2 features being the next round of Slips TO Boxes Challenge and the final over the 311m at Cranbourne on Wednesday July 12.  The final will be run as a Memorial event in honour of the late George Caruana. Super prize money is available for the final. Get your nominations in as the heat winner and runner-up of the Slips TO Boxes Challenge will go through to the final at Cranbourne.  

The two weeks of Coursing at Longwood was exceptional with the weather delightful, the coursing from the start to the end was a treat with fantastic courses into the finals.  

Event 1:   2017 Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship. Last Outlaw for Malcolm Davis on his way to victory in the final defeated litter mates Erupt Eve Lad (qrtr final), Gotham Queen in the (sem. Final) and Lieu Knee Annie in the final. Lieu Knee Annie had an exceptional day making it to the final by defeating Mutant and Hungry Heart.  Erupt Eve Lad; Lieu Knee Annie are trained by Robert Glass from Kyabram, Gotham Queen is trained by Sean Lithgow of Devon Meadows.  Mutant is trained by Daniel Pell from Tooleen and Hungry Heart trained by Yvonne Carter of Mudgegonga. The other defeated qrtr finalist was Michael Chilcott’s Heat Up

Event 2: Ray Boundy Memorial We saw Richard Anchen from Nagambie Cullquinn Bomber defeat John Carr’s (Glenrowan) Midnight Flynn in the semi final and Chris Glenn’s of Tennyson Groucho in the final. Whilst Groucho defeated Dave Dawson’s of Crossover’s Puzzle and Me to make to the final. Richard during his acceptance speech was honoured to win this event as he knew the colourful bookie Ray Boundy from yesteryear.   

Event 3: Strathbogie Maiden Cup This event is generally for those greyhounds that just can’t win a coursing event.  Team Son won the event trained by Gavin Gledhill of Coomboona defeated the ever running bridesmaid Glen Mika trained by Dave Pryse of Benloch. Team Son had a bye into the final with the scratching of Dallis Massina’s of Golden Square Marley Sprite whereas Glen Mika defeated Annette Kampmann’s Hawksdale Tally Ho Lass.  

Event 4; 5; 6 & 7 were heats of the Slips to Boxes Challenge events. The first heat was won by Calvin Russell of Kyabram’s Soeztoc defeat Graeme Campbell of Drouin South My Names Schultz.  Second Heat we saw Annette Kampmann’s Tally Ho Jack defeat Calvin Russell of Kyabram’s King Gibbo. Third Heat Dragon’s Dean trained by Belinda Franklin Tennyson had a walkover due to the scratching of Calvin Russell’s scratching of Maximum Strike. Fourth Heat saw Malcolm Davis of Altona Green Down Mexico Way defeat Annette Kampmann’s Tally Ho Billy.  

Event 8: Burton’s IGA Mixed Puppy Event. Janine Walker from Arcadia South She’s A Rebel defeated Get Shakin trained by Calvin Russell of Kyabram.   Event 9: Castle Creek Motel Dog Puppy Calvin Russell of Kyabram’s Shakey Cougar defeated Neal Mason of Euroa Billy Swagger.  

Event 10: Strathbogie Vet Bitch Puppy Sweet Spud trained by Malcom David of Altona Green defeated Emma Fothergill of Numurkah’s Silver Banjo.  

Event 11:  Winning Post Supplies Mixed Maiden Craig Elliott’s of Green Hill’s Provenance defeated Pee Kay Seeds trained by Dean Allsop Cranbourne West.  
Event 12: National Coursing Assoc. Maiden Dog We saw Graeme Campbell’s Spoil The Party finally take home the chocolates when he defeated Annette Kampmann’s Catsford Allan.


it should be noted that the Executive of the NCAV were over the moon with the nominations for the all events conducted at Longwood for the running of the Sylvester Puppy Championship (54 nominations) the Ray Boundy Memorial (Full nominations of 16) and the Strathbogie Maiden Cup (Full nominations 32).

With 3 runs this week and 3 runs next week in the Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship the following greyhounds are still in with a chance,

                    ERUPT EVE LAD       V       LAST OUTLAW

                    GOTHAM QUEEN      V      HEAT UP

                    LIEU KNEEE ANNIE  V      MUTANT

                    HUNGRY HEART       V      **BYE**

Erupt Eve Lad, Gotham Queen and Lieu Knee Annie are all from the same litter. In case you're wondering we don't have guarding anymore, so they will not be guarded if they make it through to the subsequent rounds.

The Ray Boundy Memorial saw 2 runs completed and 2 runs still to be conducted next week

                  CULLQUIN BOMBER   V     MIDNIGHT FLYNN

                  GROUCHO                 V    PUZZLE AND ME

Finally we have the Strathbogie Maiden Cup and the following greyhounds are continuing next week after having 3 runs this week and with 2 to go next week.

                  GLEN MIKA               V     TALLY HO LASS

                  MARLEY SPRITE        V      TEAM SON

Next week we continue with these three events and there will be a supporting card of events.  Namely the SLIPS TO BOXES Challenge which we've previously called the TWIN CODE CHALLENGE.  This event is designed to show how adaptable greyhounds really are.  They can and often do make the switch from coursing to the circle track.  To qualify for this events you need to be a coursing maiden and be wither a maiden, grades 7,6 or 5 at Shepparton over the 390 metres.  plus there will be puppy events, depending on nominations there could be limit stakes (events for greyhounds that have won events or stakes).  We look forward to seeing you all back to this impressive venue for the continuation of events and the support events.  To those who supported our events a big thank you. 

McRAE HOLDEN BENALLA CUP & MELTON GRC WESTERN SAWS DAMSELS TROPHY + Supports 28.5.17 __________________________________________________________________________________

Wetweather was the prediction for the coursing meeting at Benalla this pastweekend with the running of the McRae Holden Benalla Cup & the Melton GRC Western Saws Damsels trophy plus supporting events.

A special thankyou to the sponsors of the main events and also Buller Wine’s who kindly donated bottles of wine to theevent winners your donations were appreciated. Theweather was clear most of the day with showers towards the latter part of theday.  The committee are to be commendedon the way in which they handled issues that were thrown at them throughout theday and mind you there were a few.  Welldone to a small band of workers that now have 12 months to iron out theglitches for next year as the venue at Benalla is pretty special.

The day commenced with heats of the McRae Holden Benalla Cup and the big boys cameout to play.  Better Than This the 2016 Waterloo Cup winner who is at his best behind the drag lure. BTT is an Oct 13 WBK D (S: Knocka Norris D: Father of Mine) O: Sparkle and Fade T: A Terry (Cranbourne South) in the final of this event defeated Ido Voodoo BK D. Oct13 (S: Head Bound D: Surf Queen) O/T: John Taylor (Kyabram).  In the top section of this event Lashil BK B, Feb 15 (S: Fabregas D: Barelan Beauty) O: wood cutters T: Dallas Massina(Golden Square) who had won a Maiden Event on 14/5/17 go against Fiery Melody BK B, May 14 (S: Nolen D:Fiery Belle) O: Final Fling T: Murray Collyer (Coburg East) being upgraded froma DSF in 2016 to win her first course. IdoVoodoo defeated Bakali, BE B Aug14 (S: Swift Fancy D: Maleek) O: R Massina T: Dallas Massina (Golden Square).In the bottom half of the draw we saw CullquinBomber BK D, Jan 14 (S: Barcia Bale D: Shiraz Monelli) O: Peter and SharaT: Richard Anchan (Nagambie) go up against BetterThan This. Cullquin Bomber who had only won at his recent first coursingevent at Longwood in May acquitted himself admirably going down by one lengthto the Cup Winner.  The last of the firstcourses for this event was between Johnnie Red FD, May 14 (S: Spring Gun D: Ellex Bijoux) O: Jane Eliza T: Russ McRae(Junction Village) who went down in a shock defeat to Tally Ho Billy WBK D, Dec. 13 (S: Vee Man Van D: Granma Madge) O/T:Annette Kampman.  With Ido Voodoodefeating Fiery Melody in their Semi and BTT defeating Tally Ho Billy in theirsemi this left us with the grand final IDO VOODOO (Red) and BETTER THAN THIS(White).  Better Than This showed a cleanpair of heals in the final galloping faster at each course a  truly exceptional coursing greyhound.

Event2: MELTON GRC WESTERN SAWS DAMSELSTROPHY bitches only eligible.  Keen coursing was the order for this all female event.  Ivanka Rose WBD B, Feb 14(S: Elite State D: Leggy Elle) O: B Kinder T: Gavin Gledhill (Coomboona) went through in fine style in all of her courses having only ever coursed once at Benalla in April. In the final Ivanka Rose defeated Soeztoc BK B, Sep 14 (S: Collision D: Latifi Jiam) O: Ban C T:Calven Russell (Kyabram). This has been Soeztoc’s first season at Coursing going R/Up on her 2 previous events this being her 3rd R/Up so may be a win is in on the cards.  Unfortunately we had 2 early scratchings from this event and an injury depleting the fieldconsiderably.  However, those left to compete performed admirably with DamiGal BK B, Apr 14 (S: Glen Gallon D: Damika) O/T: David Pryse (Benloch)going down to Ivanka Rose in the Semi Final, Soeztoc defeated Henry’s Fault BD B Jan 14 (S: GlenGallon D: Hybrid Theory) O: J Barbara T: R Martin (Albion) leaving Ivanka Rose(Red, 16.38) against Soeztoc (White 16.35) going to the slips at closeodds.  It was a very competitive course. 

Dogs that coursed well over the day were the TallyHo greyhounds trained by Annette Kampman of Hawkesdale. Over this season Annette and her team travel close to 5 hours one way from the Western district to course and have been successful each week. Others who coursed well were DonkeyTron a LTBD D, Apr 13 (S:Dyna Tron D: Where’s Tilly) O: Power and DonkeysT: Angelo Zampichelli of Murchison won his event at his second go at coursing and won again defeating Pokemon ChaseRBD D, Feb 15 (S: El Grand Senor D: Time and Money) O/T: John Taylor of Kyabram.  Two new youngsters to coursing Erupt Eve Lad and his litter sister Lieu Knee Annie Mar 15 (S:Barcia BaleD: Evie’s Entity) O; J Vandemaat T: Robert Glass (Kyabram) look highly likelyto set their sights on the up and coming Classic the Sylvester Doyle PuppyChampionships they should do well. Another youngster Daintree Destroy coursed for the first time this weekend going intohis final with a pretty slick 16.29. He is a BK D, Jan 15 (S: Fear Zafonic D:Daintree Empress) O: K Joske T: Janine Walker of Arcadia South defeating new courser Teamson BE D Nov 14 (S: Cosmic Rumble D: Sweet Chantilly) O: S Peterson T: Gavin Gledhill of Coomboona. Groucho BK D, Feb 14 (S: Magic Sprite D: SalegreysGold) O: G Walker T: Chris Glen of Tennyson ran a quick course (16.15) to defeat Tally Ho Len of Annette Kampman.
Thanks again to all trainers who support the coursing and goodluck to those who have puppies entered in the upcoming classic Sylvester Doyle Championships at Longwood on Sunday June11 and of course the Ray Boundy and support events.Wewill see you there.  Safe travels.                               SueDelaney (Secretary, NCAV)



WERRIBEE MEETING @ LONGWOOD.  14.5.2017..................................

Ideal conditions were experienced at Longwood on Sunday for allevents and the running of the first cup event for the 2017 Season - the Noel Ryan Memorial Werribee Cup and JN Smith Memorial meeting hosted by the LongwoodCoursing Club committee friends and volunteers for the Werribee Coursing Club.The Longwood club along with their shared sports clubs in the Longwood area have beenworking diligently to improve their facilities and it certainly was evident with their brand new stand for the race caller and officials.  The surrounding grounds looked a picture and for future reference those wishing to make it a family day at Longwood mark your calendar to visit this lovely venue. The facility has a fully enclosed modern state of the art playground for the children to keep them entertained for hours.

Thanks also to the trainers who supported this day with full fields of greyhounds and yes we saw many exciting finishes that left us guessing who had crossed the line first. Below are the full details of the two main events conducted on the day. Unfortunately we were unable to obtain anytimes for the events due to a malfunction with the timer but all greyhounds in the support events coursed well with some pretty tight decisions over theline.  Congratulations to all the winnersand runner-ups on the day.Thankyou to Jean Hamilton and her friends in the canteen that provide the usual homemade pies, pasties, hamburger & cakes. See you all at Benalla in a fortnight.

Event 1:NOEL RYAN MEMORIAL WERRIBEE CUP.  Thisevent attracted two major players in coursing so far this season.  The consistent Russell McRae trained JOHNNIE RED a FD, May 14 (S: Spring GunD: Ellex Bijoux) O: Jane Eliza proved far too strong in the final over JohnTaylor’s IDO VOODOO a BK D, Oct 13(S: Head Bound D: Surf Queen) O/T: John Taylor. The earlier events coursed wereinteresting with BLACK EMBER BK B,Sept 13 (S: Bit Chili D: Ember Attack) O: K Boyle T: Paul Cusack.  In her first course against the ‘big boys’after winning her Maiden Event at Lang Lang recently was defeated by IDOVOODOO. COLLECT BK D, Mar 13 (S: FabregasD: Nalima) O/T: Trevor Anlesark defeated by Elaine Vigor’s NEXT GRANGE BK D, Jul 12 (S: Hesa Felon D: Potato Head) O: P Grillswho I believe was brought out of retirement to contest this event. Next Grangewas defeated by a ½ length by Ido Voodoo in the semi final.  The second part of the event I’ve Got Wingswas scratched, GO GO DANNI RF B, Aug 12 (S: Droopy’s Puzzle D: Remo Agogo) O: DPatrick T: David Dawson coursed a bye. Johnnie Red defeated BAKALI,  BE B, Aug 14 (S: Swift Fancu D: Maleek) O: RMassina T: Dallas Massina with Johnnie Red winning over Go Go Danni in that semi.

Event 2:JN SMITH MEMORIAL. SHOWTIME MYSTERY BK B, Mar 13 (Lochinvar MarlowD: West On Paris) O/T: Kristie Collyer Defeated ACOLA ROSEBUD BK B, Jun 12 (S: Magic Sprite D: Verity Chase) O/T:Tim Noy.  SOEZTOC  BK B, Sep 14 (S:Collission D: Latifi Jiam) O: BanC T: Calven Russell coursed well to defeat LANIAKEA BD B, Oct 13 (S: Cape Hawke D:Sick Money) O: P Grice T: David Dawson. Soeztoc went through winning the semiover Laniakea.  ONTO JATT BK D, Nov 13 (S: Barcia Bale D:Flowing Reaction) defeated TANGOETTEBK B, Feb 14 (S: Vee Man Vane D: Potomac) O/T: Colin Goodman. With the latescratching of VASHTA NERADA TALLY HOBILLY WBK D, Dec. 13 (S: Vee Man Van D: Granma Madge) O/T: Annette Kampmanran up a bye. Tally Ho Billy defeated Onto Jatt in the semi final.  In the final course Tally Ho Billy defeatedSoeztoc by approximately 1 length in a hotly contested final.

Secetary - Sue Delaney

LANG LANG MEETING - Sunday April 30, 2017

A very pleasant day was had at Lang Lang today for the first of their coursing meetings for 2017.  With 11 events on the program and 9 scratchings and a few bye’s sent down the track.

Thanks again to the volunteers who kept the meeting on track without your support clearly the meetings would not take place.  A special thank you to the canteen staff.  The freshly made bacon & egg rolls were delish and the home made scones with jam and whipped cream nothing short of sensational. Thanks also to young Michael Webb who returned recently from his OS holiday and has easily slotted into his role as slipper.

These experienced All Aged greyhounds ran competitive courses all with pretty even times throughout the event. The overall winner was the consistent fawn dog JOHNNIE RED trained by Russell McRae of Junction VIllage. Whelped May 14 (S: Spring Gun D: Allez Bijoux) O: Jane Eliza defeating IDO VOODOO a BK D, Oct. 13 (S: Head Bound D: Surf Queen) O/T: John Taylor from Kyabram.  The first course in the event was a cracker and saw RIBACOLA a WBK D, Sept 13 (S: Symmetry D: She Can Sal) O: Deelee T: Paul Ellul of Noble Park North defeated by a nose by FUTURE PAST a BK D, Feb 13 (S: Fear Zafonic D: Graceful Amy) O: Barry Priest T: Peter Franklin from Moyston.  IDO VOODOO defeated WHY NOT MICK a BK D Jun 13 (S: Nitro Burst D: Why Not Bev) O/T: Wayne Mannix of Clyde. With a scratching and a bye in the 2nd section JOHNNIE RED defeated WHY NOT BARREL the litter mate of WHY NOT MICK.

There were 2 scratchings and a bye in this event. The first course we saw MISS JUDDY a BE B May 14 (S: El Galo D: BLu Pie Girl) O/T: Geoff Smith of Mill Park defeated by LIL’FEISTY BK B Nov 12 (S: El Grand Senor D: Superior Inc) O: R Cunningham T: Steven Thomas of Junction Village this was indeed a good course. ONTO JATT BK D Nov 13 (S: Barcia Bale D: Flowing Reaction) O: A Craven T: Brendan Van Schaik of Wangaratta defeated PROVEN CHAT BK D May 15 (S:Spud Regis D: Proven Wag) O: McCrath T: Alan Marum of Corop. With the 2 scratchings BARNEY BUBBLE BK D Jun 14 (S: Bekim Bale D: Carol went down in 2 byes. The semi went to Onto Jatt defeating Lil’Feisty and the final course went down to the wire with BARNEY BUBBLE defeating ONTO JATT by half a length.  This was indeed a great course to watch.

Peter Franklin from Moyston featured in this event with his 3 young dog pups all from the same litter competing of the 8 entered. The first course saw CHUCK McIVOR RF D May 15 (S: Bella Infrared D: Blonde Caviar) O: B Priest defeating in a close course JACK HAMMER BK D May 15 (D: David Bale D: Ona Nine WonWon) O/T: Brad Sands of Pakenham. A pretty impressive new youngster to coursing LAST OUTLAW BK D Apr 15 (S: Talk’s Cheap D: Hot Genetics) O/T: Malcolm Davis of Altona Green went down in his first course in a time of 16.62 not a lot slower than the older coursing dogs. In his first course he defeated QUICK FINANCE BD D Sep 15 (S: Fernando Bale D: Scusami Hotel) O: Lucky Paws T: Russell McRae of Junction Village. MCIVOR GORDON litter brother to CHUCK defeated MUTANT BK D Mar 15 (S: Magic Sprite D: Lover Lover) O: Bev and Daniel T: Daniel Pell of Toolleen. The next course we saw the third of the brothers LARRY McIVOR defeating HARVEY MILLS BK Apr 15 (S: Magic Sprite D: Challis Miss) O/T: Tim Noy of New Gisborne. The MCIVOR brothers competed in the semi with LARRY MCIVOR winning that semi. LAST OUTLAW defeated CHUCK MCIVOR in their semi and in the final LAST OUTLAW showed a clean pair of paws defeating CHUCK by 4 lengths.

We saw a very promising young bitch GOTHAM QUEEN in this event with her trainer new to coursing they went home winners. GQ ran in her second course the quickest on the day a smart 16.41 which was faster than any of the other events and in the final not that much slower than her other courses. There were two MCIVOR young bitches entered in this event. MCIVOR VERNA being defeated by MINOTAUR FD Mar 15 (S: Barcia Bale D: Carol Beer) O: Bev and Daniel T: Daniel Pell of Toolleen. MCIVOR PATSY defeated BLONDE TEQUILA FB Mar 15 (S: El Grand Senor D: Keegan’s On Fire ) O: Belco T: Damien Belsham of Longwarry. MINOTAUR and GOTHAM QUEEN competed in the final with the Gotham Queen an all the way 4 length win.

In this event TALLY HO JACK and IMA TERROR were defeated in their first courses leaving LOPSIDED BK D Mar 13 (S: Bekim Bale D: Pazza Razza) O/T: Brad Sands of Pakenham defeating SPOIL THE PARTY BD Nov 12 (S: El Grand Senor D: Superior Inc) O: R Cunningham T: Graeme Campbell of Drouin South.  With SECOND DAN a scratching EMPEROR CRUZ FD Nov 13 (S: El Grand Senor D: Mighty Hot) ran a bye. BEHIND THE MASK FD Mar 14 (S: Spring Gun D: Kula Girl) O: N Gatt T: John Barbara of Exford defeated THOR’S CREST BK D Oct 14 (S: Shakey Jakey D: Samantha Dee) O: Maynes T: Melanie Lithgow of Devon Meadows. EMPEROR CRUZE went on to defeated BEHIND THE MASK the final was LOPSIDED defeating EMPEROR CRUZ by 4 lengths.

The two defeated in in their first courses were EMGEE SPRINTER and DESTINI FLORIDA. The dogs to compete in the semi’s were TALLY HO BILLY WBK D Dec 13 (S: Vee Man Vane D: Granma Madge) O/T: Annette Kampman of Hawksdale down Warrnambool way defeating a first timer at coursing BIG BAD BADGE BD D Aug 14 (S: Elite State D: Shanlyn Supreme) O: Honey Badger Syndicate T: Melissa Bourke of Cranbourne West. In the second half of this event we saw AZZA and BOOM FLASH defeated in the first course.  FROM THE DARK BK D Sep 14 (S: Cosmic Rumble D: Thundering Speed) O: Brayden Gatt T: John Barbara Exford going down to FRENCH IDOL BK D Apr 14 (S: Milldean Panther D; Wise Forecast) O: N Hazelgrove T: Russell McRae. The final was to be TALLY HO BILLY and FRENCH IDOL but French Idol was withdrawn due to injury and TALLY HO BILLY declared the winner of the event.

Probably the most exciting finish on the day when CONCRETE LEVEL BK D Aug 14 (S: Premier Boloney D: Amy Special) O/T: Alan Marum of Corop a 3 hr drive to Lang Lang. This dog came from behind to defeat KRAV MAGA BK D Jul 14 (S: Bekim Bale D: One Kay) O/T: Graham Nicoll of Botanic Ridge.  There was one scratching TRADEMARK CHOPS in the top half of the event. TALLY HO TINK was defeated by GRAND HERO BEF D Apr 13 (S: El Grand Senor D: Tempest Beauty) O/T: Steven Thomas of Junction Village. GRAND HERO was defeated by CONCRETE LEVEL in the semi. ACOLA RIMFIRE was scratched. DON’T TRUST was defeated in the first course by KRAV MAGA and BOB’S CASH also defeated by KRAV MAGA in their semi final.

WHY NOT WILL and TRADEMARK ROCKY were defeated in the first of their courses. PROVEN RYKER BK D Dec 14 (S: Outa Credit D: Proven Pontiac) O: Gods Country T: Alan Marum and FOUND IN QUARTZ RF D Feb 15 (S: Flying Penske D: Surf Queen) O/T: John Taylor from Kyabram winning the semi over Proven Ryker. The second half KAROAKE KEN was scratched.  TYSON TRUMP BK D Nov 14 (S: Magic Sprite x Macalister Belle) O: L Jennings T: Peter Craig defeated SO EASY BK D Mar 15 (S: Bekim Bale D: Daintree Dream) O/T: Robert Whitford of Yarram. BARRA JOHNSON WBK d Dec 14 (S: Cosmic Rumble D: Flying Buzzard) being defeated by TYSON TRUMP in their semi.   The final went to TYSON TRUMP over FOUND IN QUARTZ by 4.5 lengths.

In the top half of this draw the two defeated first course dogs were SEMANTIC SHIFT and ROSIE RICCARTON. Leaving TALLY HO LASS WBK B Dec 13 (S: Vee Man Van D: Granma Madge) O/T: Annette Kampman to run against SMALL ROSE BK B Dec 14 (S: Banjo Boy D: Classy Caitlyn) with SMALL ROSE the successor. In the bottom half MISS MERCY was scratched with TINY BOPPER running a bye. FIPA POTAMUS RBD Sep 14(S: Surf Lorian D; Five Paws) O: Team Five Paws T: John Bosnich of Devon Meadows defeating ROLL ‘EM MISSY BK B Jul13 (S: Black Warhorse D: Speedy Osti) O: artemiss T: Tim Noy of New Gisborne. In the final TINY BOPPER BK B Jul 14 (S: Bekim Bale D: One Kay) O/: Graham Nicholl from Botanic Ridge went on to defeat SMALL ROSE by 2 lengths.

There was 1 bye in the second half of this event. The first coursers defeated were FLYING ELITE and WICKED HILLARY with FLOWERING ROSE BD B Feb 14 (S: Cosmic Chief D: Sweet Impact) O/T: Alan Marum of Corop running in the semi and being defeated by MIGHTY JOSIAH BK B May 14 (S: Oaks Road D: McBride) O: On The Money T: John Bosnich of Devon Meadows. ORATAYA BK B Jan 15 (S: Bookkeeper D: Upsy Daisy) O: Dizzy Racing T: Constance McMillan of Drouin. The final was contested by MIGHTY JOSIAH and ORATAYA with MJ going down by 4 lengths to ORATAYA.

The two defeated in their first courses were BLACK THIRTY ONE and MISS HANNA BERRY.  ROUSEY ROO FB Apr 14 (S: Barcia Bale D; Holy Thunder) O: Jay White T; Tricia Curtain of Cranbourne South was defeated by BLACK EMBER BK B Sep 13 (S: Bit Chili D: Ember Attack) O: K Boyle T: Paul Cusack of Mount Cottrell. With 1 scratching in the second half of the draw BOWON APPROACH BK B Aug 14 (S: Spring Gun D: Pepper Spice (late Chili Spice) O: Maynes T: Melanie Lithgow of Devon Meadows went up on a bye. MY GIRL JOSIAH BK B Dec 13 (S: Collision D: Regal Blaze) O: On The Money T: John Bosnich defeated MIDFIELD MAESTRO BK Jan (S: Fabregas D: Busy Lee) O: G Maxwell T: Malcolm Davis of Altona Green.  The final going to BLACK EMBER over BOWON APPROACH.

Congratulations to all winners today with the weather being very pleasant we can now look forward to the next coursing meeting Longwood 14th May.

BENALLA ALL MAIDEN MEETING – Sunday April 23, 2017 __________________________________________________________________________________

The Benalla committee must be congratulated for pulling this meeting together as you all know the club was looking down the barrel of folding up in the latter part of last year. People came from around the districted and afar to volunteer to make this meeting happen.

The club was were blessed with good weather throughout the day although it was getting a little on the warmer side by the day’s end. 

As is the case there were a few minor hiccups with the drag lure but all soldiered on and should be very happy with how the day unfolded. A mention should be made of Steven Collyer’s lure driving here.  This was his maiden meeting drive and he took to lure driving like a duck to water.  Well done Steven.
The canteen was maned or should that be womaned by Heather Collyer and Mandy Webb and they managed to keep the hordes refreshed for the day with limited facilities.  Yep us coursing people are an inventive lot and can and have adapted to all manner of changes over the years.

12 events were scheduled and we saw some very good courses as well as some up and coming coursing greyhounds.  

We even had some interstate competitors, ex Victorian’s and all the way from Mangrove Mountain in NSW, the Pitstock family brought down a team of Keroma team dogs. What a promising young team they travelled down with winning 2 events & runner up in the defeated semi-finalist. 

Another good team on the day were the dogs trained by Yvonne Carter from Mudgegonga with Hungry Heart & Whipstick Indi both winning their respective events. 

Quite a few trainers travelled long distances to compete, other than Mangrove Mountain NSW, Nicole Stanley made the overnight trip from Portland but that’[s n may have been the longest trek or even Longwarry for the day. We also had a few new faces attend today and hopefully they return for the next meeting. Thing new for Nicole she travelled over 10,000 klms year to take out some of our annual awards back in 2009.

All trainers are to be congratulated as their dogs performed to their best and will only benefit for the experience and improve their fitness levels. 

Again congratulations to the Benalla committee for a very enjoyable day. 

We are off to Lang Lang next Sunday. Hope to see you there!

To see who won what click this link. 

Secretary - Sue Delaney & Heather Villinger