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AWARDS NIGHT...................................

2016 Awards Night.

Once again the Sandown Greyhound Racing Club was the venue for our 2016 Coursing Awards presentations.  One minor shift from our usual plan was that Sandown were racing on Wednesday night rather than Thursday this was to coincide with the Australia Day public Holiday Eve. 

The Sandown Greyhound Racing Club had plenty of entertainment for one and all with a huge crowd in attendance to rock to the tune of Angry Anderson as he sure kept the crowd entertained.   There was face painting and jumping castles for the kids too.  Plenty of Aussie fare was supplied with sausages in bread and ice creams.

Our awards were conducted right up close and personal to the first turn in the large Marquee.  It truly was a memorable night with many awards and trophies presented. Mr Rob Testa was our emcee for the night ensuring all went to plan.  A Great Night was had by all.

We will get some pictures up on our website for you to see in due course.


Our Noel Banks Medal for contribution to the coursing industry was presented to Mr Marty Sait of the Charlton Coursing Club.  The whole of the Sait family have been involved in Coursing in the Charlton area since the inception of the Charlton Coursing Club track itself.  Along with Sylvester Doyle and Noel Banks himself and founding members of the club Marty spent countless hours setting up the track and maintaining it.  It was not unusual for him to spent whole days and night top dressing and watering the track in preparation for coursing meeting. Well done Marty Sait the National Coursing Association of Victoria appreciates and recognises your contribution not just to your local track but to our part of the greyhound racing industry in Victoria.This year we could not find one person to encourage.  We found two!

Their involvement at the one of our coursing clubs has seen them take on a variety of roles, selling trials tickets, assisting in the canteen, managing and catching greyhounds in the catching pen.  Their list of jobs ticked of their bucket list is endless. 

Kirtis and Tiesha have been involved in our sport of greyhound racing for their entire lives, their mother Kerrie Smythe is well known and their grandparents of Eddie and Mary Lieshout are stalwarts of the Gippsland Industry.

We now see Tiesha working weekly as a regular part of the team at Cranbourne Greyhound Racing Club.  Kirtis is eager to learn the art of slipping and take on the role of slipper at Lang Lang.

Click on the links highlighted below for information on the other awards presented at our awards night.

Coursing Greyhound of the Year:

Better Than This

Coursing Bitch of the Year:

Auburn Gal

Coursing Trainer of the Year:

Donna Dean

Coursing Owner of the Year:

John Taylor


2015 Awards Night.

The National Coursing Association of Victoria conducted their annual Awards Night on Thursday 21st January, 2016 in conjunction with (Roy Maidment Memorial night) at Sandown Greyhound Racing Club.

The was a great night and a huge success for the National Coursing Association of Victoria.  We had representatives from GRV Board, GRV, Sandown Greyhound Racing Club, Melbourne Greyhound Racing Association, Sale & District and Cranbourne, not to mention Lang Lang Coursing Club, Longwood Coursing Club and Melton Coursing Club.  Acknowledgement of the owners/trainers of both our classic events and of course our awards winners. 

As each year passes we're making our awards night more spectacular and enjoyable.  2015 was a great year for coursing and we saw many new faces.  More trainers are starting to find out how good coursing is for conditioning their greyhounds but we're probably the best kept secret in greyhound racing.

For the long established devotees of our wonderful sport you had better make the most of the fact that we remain almost undiscovered because we're about to hit the airwaves and that is very likely to change.  Already the executive has some new and exciting concepts on the horizon for either 2016 or 2017...yes planning we are to be around for the long haul. 

Awards being presented on the night are shown below:  

2015 Coursing Greyhound of the Year -  NOISE ATTACK

Description of greyhound:                     Black - Dog

Whelped:                                     14/03/2013

Breeding:                                          Bekim Bale X Runnin’ Jumpin’           

Breeder:                                             Maxine Bindley

Owner:                                                Maxine Bindley

Trainer:                                               Lionel Kraemer

No of events contested:                                  5

No of wins:                                                    5

No of courses:                                             18

No of points accrued:                                   31

This award turned out to be much closer with the running of the final coursing event of the season….The Waterloo Cup.  Rylee’s Marshall was the event winner and he came in with a close second with 27 points only 4 behind Noise Works.

Noise Attack commenced his coursing season at Longwood in a Derby Trial with a resounding win. He won 2 more Derby Trials before moving up to the big league winning a classic event in the Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship.  His season culminated with a win in the VCC Cup in Mid-July.  Due to an injury sustained Noise Attack did not contest the Waterloo Cup much to the disappointment of his trainer Mr Lionel Kramer and his owner Mrs Maxine Bindley. 

2015 Coursing Bitch of the Year - FANCIFUL INDIE

 Description of greyhound:                            White & Black – Bitch

Whelped:                                                        15/09/2013

Breeding:                                                        Symmetry X She Can Sal

Breeder:                                                         Roland Rohm

Owner:                                                           Michael Fowles

Trainer:                                                          Russell McRae

No of events contested:                                          6

No of wins:                                                            1          runner up 4 times

No of courses:                                                      16

No of points accrued:                                            16

The coursing bitch of the year was a keenly contested award with the margin between the winner and the runner up -  Go Go Danni being 2 points.

Fanciful Indie commenced her coursing career at Lang Lang on the 3rd May although her only win for the season she still keenly coursed throughout the rest of the season.  Whereby she contested another 5 events getting to the final in all but one.  Fanciful Indie was runner up in the 2015 Oaks and 3 other events. 

2015 Coursing Owner of the Year - DANIEL PATRICK


 Names of greyhounds coursed:                     GO GO DANNI, PUZZLE AND ME       

Trained by:                                                      Dave Dawson

No of events contested:                                                4

No of wins:                                                                  2

No of courses:                                                             12

No of points accrued:                                                   11

This award went down to the wire.  One point in it at the last course of the Castle Creek Motel Limit Stake event, at the last meeting of the year and Daniel’s greyhound Go Go Danni had to win for Daniel to take out the award.                                     AT LEFT:  Michael Webb accepts award on behalf of Daniel Patrick from NCAV Executive member Bernie Ryan (Werribee)

Go Go Danni commenced her coursing career during the 2014 coursing season. She’s a fine example of a greyhound that needed to mature and develop a certain amount of strength and endurance before she became successful at coursing.  In 2015 she came into her own.

Both Go Go Danni’s owner and trainer were patient and saw great rewards for this patience during the 2015 season.

Another of Daniel’s greyhounds Puzzle And Me also contributed to Daniel’s award win with two excellent wins at Longwood early in the season.

2015 Coursing Trainer of the Year - DAVE DAWSON


Names of greyhounds coursed: Go Go Danni,  Cape Ability, Kilty Conscience, Missy Miss, Our Rhino Man, Puzzle And Me, Baines Park.

Owners trained for: Daniel Patrick, Vicki Clark, King Boxhead Syn, Brian Scanlon, Narelle Pittard.

No of events contested:                                              27

No of points accrued:                                                  25

Dave Dawson needs no introduction to this award over the years he’s made it his own.  Rather than me tell you we’ll ask him some questions.                            At left is Dave receiving his awards from NCAV Exec member Mr Bernie Ryan

2015 Noel Bank Medallist - MR TONY SMITH

Noel Banks is a doyen of our sport of coursing in Victoria.  He was keeper of the stud book and secretary of the NCA of Victoria for many years.  In true coursing fashion his children were involved in the sport for many years and this medal is awarded to those persons who have contributed to coursing in a valued and important manner.

This year’s recipient has been in involved in our sport of coursing for a life time and even today he still manages to attend coursing meetings, annual general meetings, not to mention other greyhound race meetings.

His contribution to the NCA’s executive has been constant for more than 20 years and he has continued to work for our sport through his club where he’s been active in their area for all of his life.

His father was involved in coursing and so continues a tradition where we pass our sport to the next generation.  Our only hope is that his children and grandchildren continue supporting our wonderful sport.  Werribee Coursing Club conduct an annual event to honour this family’s contribution and we’re not the only organisation or industry to acknowledge his contribution he’s also in the Shearer’s Hall of Fame.

It gives the executive of the NCA of Victoria great pleasure to announce this year recipient of the Noel Banks Medal to Mr Tony Smith.

2015 Encouragement Award - JESS FOTHERGILL

To ensure that our sport continues to survive and move forward it was decided by the Executive of the NCA several years ago to give encouragement to some of the younger personnel who are actively involved in our sport.  This not only enhances and ensures coursing will survive it also ensures that new and young blood is entering our sport and it is believed with encouragement and recognition of their achievements they will stay within our sport for years to come.

In past years the award had been bestowed on young achievers such as catchers, persons assisting club/track personnel in many positions.  Canteen, Catching Pen, Slipping, the list is endless.  This year we’ve taken a slightly different route.

Any of our coursing enthusiasts will attest to the fact that we all strive to have a starter with the hope of making a final and that’s at the start of the season, with the hope that this starter may be available to contest the end of the season classic event of the Waterloo Cup.  Just getting to the final of the Waterloo Cup is a huge achievement and this year’s winner did just that with her greyhound Suave Fella who was runner up to Graham Whitford’s, Rylee’s Marshal.

This young achiever has seen a fair amount of success beyond coursing within our sport in 2015 and we congratulate her on all of her achievements within greyhound racing.