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Once again GRV have kept our stake money aligned with that of Tier 3 Racing.  Below you will see a chart of the stake money you can win at our coursing meetings.  Whilst coursing has different event types this chart clearly gives trainers and owners wishing to attend coursing meetings an idea as to what these events are similar to at track racing venues.

 Coursing Event type Vs Track Event type      Winner     Runner Up    Defeated S-Final

Limit Win Stake          =     Gr 5,6 & 7                 825             235                60 x2            
All Aged Stake            =     Gr 4, Mxd 4/5          825              235                60 x2 
Puppies/Maidens        =     Maidens                   825              235                60 x2         
Main/Cups features    =     FFA Mxd 3/4           825              235                60 x2