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During the break between the 2016 and 2017 coursing season key executive members met with key personnel at GRV to ascertain and define grading guidelines for coursing meetings.  Shown below are the new guidelines.



Main Event Stakes.
Main events are the feature stakes on a coursing program.  Generally, they are Cup and or Memorial stakes.  The greyhounds that are entered in these stakes are generally experienced coursing greyhounds; they can be males or females.  These greyhounds will have usually won their Maiden (at coursing) and may have also won a One Win Stake or an All Aged Stake. 

Maiden coursing greyhounds are also eligible to compete in a main event if the Trainer believes the greyhound is capable – but must be nominated for the higher graded event.

Greyhounds that have previously won a coursing stake will be given preference in a main stake over a greyhound that has not competed at coursing.   

All Aged Stakes.
These are for the next level of open class greyhounds that may have previously won a Coursing event. These greyhounds may also have competed over more than one coursing season.

Win Limit Stakes.
These are for greyhounds that have previously won the required number of Coursing stakes, that is a One Win Stake is for greyhounds that have only won one Coursing event.

A Maiden in coursing is a greyhound that has not won three courses in a single event. A greyhound could be a city class Free For All and remain a Maiden at the coursing.

For the 2017 Coursing season a Puppy is any greyhound (male or female) that is whelped on or after 01/03/2015.  Depending on nominations, gender will separate greyhounds where possible, that is: Dog Puppy, Bitch Puppy and if nominations allow a Mixed Puppy stake.

There are special stakes for Puppies only, with good prize money!  The Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship for both the boys and the girls, the Derby (for the boys) and the Oaks (for girls) are three of the National Coursing Association of Victoria Classic stakes.  

Waterloo Cup

This is the final Coursing Classic event of the season and is considered the major prize carrying a long tradition which was first held in 1873. This event is open to all greyhounds with preference given to greyhounds that have previously coursed. Consolations of this event are also held for greyhounds defeated in the first round (Waterloo Plate), the second round (Waterloo Purse) and then if enough overall nominations are received, a third-round defeated consolation event. 

Nomination close times

For the 2017 Coursing season nominations will close on the Thursday prior at 8:30am, and may be extended should insufficient nominations be received.


Greyhounds are eligible to compete at a Coursing meeting in a similar manner to standard racing, in that it must be cleared to race, not be under any penalty, and its Owner and Trainer are currently registered.

1.       Trainers nominating for a Coursing meeting will each gain a minimum of one starter if nominations allow.

2.       Should a Trainer nominate more than one greyhound, then a multiple Trained greyhound will be subject to a ballot to allow each Trainer has at least one greyhound engaged.

3.       Trainers nominating multiple greyhounds should email the Grader advising of their preferences should they be subject to a ballot - mailto:graders@grv.org.au

The number of Coursing events to be graded will be determined from the total nominations received, with preference given to separating each pool of nominations by gender. Where the nominations require the merging of the males and females to create an event, the youngest aged male greyhounds will be selected to compete against the oldest aged females; or the oldest aged females will be selected to compete against the youngest aged male dogs.


For the purposes of selecting greyhounds to compete in a higher-level event (eg. Cup), preference will be given to greyhounds that have nominated for the event. If required any other greyhound that has previous Coursing wins and Coursing prize money won will be considered to provide a full field of eight runners.


Greyhounds that are nominated for an event other than a Puppy stake, may be included in a Puppy stake if they are whelped on or after the 1st of March 2015. 

Consolation events:

Greyhounds eliminated in the first or second rounds of an event will be automatically nominated for a consolation event if one is being conducted. The draw for these events will be conducted on course by the Steward in charge, and any Trainer not wishing to run in a consolation event must advise the Stewards prior to the draw being conducted.

Reserve Allocation

Once fields have been graded, remaining greyhounds will be allocated as reserves.  Reserve dogs for each event will be randomly drawn at the time of grading and will be published in order of preference.  At close of scratchings, reserves will be allocated in order of preference from top down.



Scratchings for a Coursing meeting will be finalised on the day prior at 4:00pm with Trainers of the required Reserves being contacted by GRV. Should a late scratching (after 4:00pm on the day prior) be notified, then no replacement greyhound will be included in the field. 

Satisfactory trials:

Greyhounds that are subject to a Satisfactory trial in accordance with the Rules, may perform a Satisfactory trial at a Coursing meeting and if endorsed by the Stewards – will be cleared for Coursing only.