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Let's get one thing straight - in coursing events are called stakes, these days it has nothing to do with stakemoney.  It is a term that has been in existence since coursing enthusiasts competed for a stake made from the nomination fee.  This could be quite significant in days gone by.    To enter for a stake it could cost in today's money $100's.

Ever thought of going coursing and then wondered what sort of event to nominate for?

Well don't let this little issue put you off.  There's a multitude of people who will point you in the right direction and if all else fails, ring the secretary.


These are age restricted stakes, in any one season a puppy (as determined by the NCAV) can win as many as they enter. There is no restriction only the age of the puppy.  For the 2017 coursing season a puppy is any greyhound (dog or bitch) that was whelped on or after 01/03/2015.  Depending on nominations, the stakes can be for Puppy – Dog, Puppy – Bitch or Puppy – Mixed.

There are special stakes for Puppys only, with good prize money!  The Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship for the boys and the girls and the Derby (for the boys) and the Oaks (for Girls) which are National Coursing Association of Victoria Classic stakes. 


A maiden in coursing is a greyhound that had not raised more than three flags.  The raising of three flags indicates that the greyhound is a winner of a stake.  The status of maiden win does not carry across from circle racing.  A greyhound could be a city class free for all and be a maiden at coursing (on the plumpton).

1 Win Stake.

These are greyhounds that have won only one stake.  The stake would generally be a maiden.

Bitches and Dogs will compete against each other unless there were sufficient nominations as to have a One Win stake for dogs and another for bitches.  It is possible if there were sufficient nominations, for a two win stake to be held, this would be limited to greyhounds that had only won two events.

All Aged Stakes.

These are open class greyhounds, they have won their maiden. Possibly a one win stake.  If entered they could compete in a Main Event Stake, this is dependent on what the trainer has nominated for.  These greyhounds may have competed over more than one coursing seasons.

Puppys, Maidens, 1 Win & All Aged Stakes can be made up of Dogs, Bitches or Mixed stakes.  Where possible like is with like.

Main Event Stakes.

Main events are the feature stakes on a coursing program.  Generally they are Cup and or Memorial stakes.  The greyhounds that are entered in these stakes are experienced coursing greyhounds; they can be bitches or dogs.  These greyhounds will have won their maiden (at coursing) and usually either a one win stake or an All Aged Stake.  But this is not set in concrete.  Some trainers may wish to enter a maiden into a main event.  Depending on nominations, they may gain a start.  Greyhounds that have won many stakes in coursing will be given preference to a main stakes over a greyhound that has not competed at coursing.  The reason for this is that they experienced greyhound has no other options to compete.