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Name of Club: Benalla Plumpton Coursing Club

Location: Benalla Racecourse Midland Highway Benalla.

Directions: Midland Hwy crosses the main road into Benalla. Head for the centre of town and it's on the left if you're coming from Melbourne and on the right if you're coming from Wangaratta.

President: Gary Walker, Vice President: Ken Murphy, Treasurer/Secretary: Helen O'Brien.

Track: The Benalla Plumpton Coursing Club conducts its meeting on a lush grassy track in the middle of the Benalla Racecourse. A Drag lure is used at Benalla. Track Distance: TBA.

Facilities: The Grandstand gives a commanding view over proceedings and the bar is open. Great food is prepared and served by the ladies of the club in the takeaway food bar. Parking is available inside or outside the race course.

Name of Club: Charlton Coursing Club

Location: Plumpton Reserve Road Charlton. Directions: From <cityw:ston>Melbourne follow the Calder Hwy, cross the Avoca River in Charlton & turn left into the Burung Hwy to Donald.

President: Vin Sait, Vice President: Greg Guy, Secretary: Martin Sait, Treasurer Leo Noonan.

Track: The Charlton Coursing Club conducts its meeting on a grass track. A Trolley lure is used at Charlton. Track Distance: TBA.

Facilities: Good views from any vantage point are the "norm" at Charlton. A good fire is always a feature and somewhere to have a chat or a yarn. An ever busy canteen serves wholesome food and there are tables and chairs for a sit to enjoy it. Plenty of parking available on the reserve.

Name of Club: Victoria Coursing Club (Geelong)

Location: Geelong Racecourse Breakwater Rd Breakwater.

Directions: From Latrobe Terrace head South East along Fyans Street, cross the railway line into Carr St and turn rught at the roundabout into Brreakwater Rd. Melways Map 452 Ref E 11.

President: John Warren. Phone: 5248 5103 Mobile: 0412 463 501

Track: The Victoria Coursing Club conducts its meeting on a grass track on the Geelong Racecourse. A Drag lure is used at Geelong. Track Distance: TBA

Facilities: Grandstand facilities are open and give a great view over the whole course. The canteen is situated in the Grandstand and dining room facilities are available. Takeaway food or a sit down meal can be purchased for a song.

Name of Club: Lang Lang Coursing Club

Location: McDonalds Track, LangLang.

Directions: Travelling South East along South Gippsland Hwy, (from Melb) turn left at Shell Service Station, continue along McDonalds Track passing over the Railway Crossing, then turn left and take the left fork.

President: John Clay, Vice President: Ritchie Adderley, Secretary: Jim Absalom.

Track:The Lang Lang Coursing Club conducts its meeting on a grass track.

A Drag lure is used at Lang Lang. Trials are conducted on Sunday mornings and a timing system is in use. Track Distance: 310 metres for timing purposes. TRIALS are on each Sunday mornings, the 1st ticket sold at 8.00am and the last ticket is sold at 10.30am.

Facilities: The Lang Lang club has undergone major refurbishments during the past 5 years. The facilities have been improved and there is more work scheduled over the next few years. Takeaway food is available in the canteen. Plenty of parking available for cars and floats.

Name of Club: Longwood Coursing Club

Location: Longwood Sports Complex. Down Street, Longwood.

Directions: Longwood is just off the Hume Hwy. You can not miss the turn off.

President: Gary Robinson Phone: 5795 3539 or Mobile: 0439 981 270. Vice President: John Donaldson Phone: 5795 3243, Secretary: Julie Stefanos Phone/Fax: 5798 5257

Track: The Longwood Coursing Club conducts its meeting on a grass track. A Trolley lure is used at Longwood. Track Distance: TBA.

Facilities The facilities at this track are shared by all bodies on the Sporting Complex. You can even get a hot shower. Fine food can be found in their canteen and there is the best specimen of a Eucalypt as you’ll ever see just next to the footy oval. Plenty of parking available on the complex.

Name of Club: Melton Greyhound Racing Club

Location: Bulmans Road, Melton.

Directions: Bulmans Road runs off High Street. See Melways Map 336 Ref D9.

President: RayPunshon, Secretary: Gary Mannion

Track: The Melton track is a lush grass track, they have a trolley lure and a catching pen with two way holding pens. Melton have a timing system installed. Track Distance::TBA. TRIAL Each Sunday between 8.00 am and 10.00 am. Last tickets sold at 9.34am.

Facilities The facilities at Melton include a great canteen. Yummy food is always available and the good humour is free. Good undercover viewing of the track can be had in their pavilion. Car and Float parking is adjacent to the track.

Name of Club: Werribee Coursing Club

Location: Werribee Racecourse, Ballan Road, Werribee.

Directions: Enter from Ballan Road on north side off railway line, Melways Map 205, Ref F8.

President: Noel Ryan Phone: 9741 5828. Vice President: Tony Smith, Secretary: John Barsby Phone: 9741 5436

Track: The Werribee Coursing Club conducts its meeting on a grass track on the Werribee Racecourse. A Drag lure is used at Werribee. Track Distance: TBA.

Facilities The grandstand is open and the view is grand! Plenty of parking for cars and floats. Snack food can be purchased and is prepared by the hardworking ladies in their portable canteen.. Great grassy surface here too.

Name of Club: Healesville Greyhound Racing Club

Name of Club: Greyhounds Owners Trainers & Breeders Assoc Inc

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