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A brand new concept was tested at Healesville last Sunday and what a great day it turned out to be. Knock Out racing is truly DRAG RACING for GREYHOUNDS. With greyhounds exiting boxes 1 & 3 wearing coursing collars of either red or white to denote each greyhound; it turned out to be a great a contest. With several greyhounds putting in sub 18.80 runs and with another 7 clearing the 19.00 barrier there were some handy runs. All greyhounds that won their first round were paired with the other winner of their event for the finals. The finals were concluded by lunch time with finalists having two runs for the day, everyone liked the early finish. Even the weather turned out to be perfect. Cool morning with the sun deciding to peep through the clouds by the time the last course had been run and won. No negative vibes with this concept and if you think you’ve got a handy dog, start getting it ready for our next Knock Out Meeting at Healesville on the 14th March.

Knockout racing was designed to try and bridge the gap between coursing and track racing to present coursing as another option to other trainers. Greyhounds running with one other competitor gain confidence plus it’s great for young dogs still learning their craft. As for seasoned campaigners like Lionel Kraemer’s Black Mane and Bill Van-Ness’ Syonic Like those greyhounds still love to race but they are both starting to develop a greybeard now. This type of racing is excellent when bringing a bitch back after a season or after whelping a litter. Last and by no means least, what a way to get any greyhound super fit.

Although our nominations were not what we’d hoped for, our next meeting should see more nominations as this concept was accepted very well with no negative thoughts whatsoever. It was action, action, action, no waiting around, and there were some new faces, not generally seen at coursing meetings. So we have hit on a winner with Knock Out Racing.

Bev and Terry Proctor from Alberton West had a double as did Bill Van-Ness from Cranbourne. Bev and Terry’s two winners were Red Sole and Sassi Black, Bill Van-Ness’ winners were Serbo Hussler and Syonic Line A newcomer to coursing this year will be Greg Couldridge, who had a winner and two runners up for that day. Greg’s team are young dogs so he may have a tilt at the Derby & Oaks. By accounts the greyhounds also enjoyed their runs. Boom Johnno won for Greg and his two runners up were Booma Amy and Booma Betty. Seems it could be a booma of a year for Greg if this keeps up.

Some wonderful rugs were made by Margaret Thomas to celebrate Knock Out Racing’s first meeting. A draw of the races to determine the rugs winner was performed. With the winners of races 5 (Bev & Terry Proctor’s Red Sole) & 7 (Sassi Black also one of Bev and Terry Proctors greyhounds) being presented with a rug.

A huge thank you must go to all those trainers who supported this new concept. The support came from both the non traditional and traditional coursing fraternities. More than ½ the greyhounds had never coursed previously.

Let the optimism in us flourish and who knows what we can achieve!

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