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2009 Coursing Points

Race 1 Open Class Greyhounds 1

Black Mane defeated Cole Pepper in a handy time of 18.86. Both greyhounds had race times within 1/100th of each other in the first round. Black Mane 18.95 and Colepepper 18.74. This was sure to be a great final. Both greyhounds exited the boxes well and it was neck in neck until “the tree” when Black Mane gained the upper hand going on to win by a length on the line.

Race 2 Open Class Greyhounds 2

Cyclone Babe clocked an excellent 18.93 in the first round defeating Mr Hall. Her rival in the final Big Storm also clocked a handy 19.01 when defeating On My Behalf. So it was looking good for a close final. And it was up until mid race when Cyclone Babe moved to her next gear ,winning by a couple of lengths in a sold time of 19.30.

Race 3 Grade 5 No 1

Two bitches in Reimburst and Megan contested this final. Reimburst had defeated Flying Rager in a time of 19.17 in the first round and Megan had defeated another old campaigner who just loves to run in Syonic King. Her time was 19.09. Megan is a good beginner and ran a similar time of 19.03 to Reimburst during the first round.

Race 4 Grade 5 No 2

Pure Macs last years Sylvester Doyle Puppy Championship winner defeated Commanding Lead in a handy 18.92 came up against Syonic Line in the final. Syonic Line made the final after defeating Frothie’s Angel with sold 19 dead run. This was a close final and Pure Macs lead until just before the tree when Syonic Line pushed up on the fence. This winning time was 18.98.

Race 5 Grade 5 No 3

Dee Cee Hendrix is a very fast finisher and his time in the first run when he defeated Tiani Exchange was 18.76. His opponent in the final was Red Sole who had defeated Mullet Man with a hand best of the day 18.75 run. So with 1/100th between then, this surely was going to be a close run. It didn’t disappoint, Red Sole quickly went to the lead. But with Dee Cee Hendrix putting on his after burners at the tree he starting making up the ground. This was probably one of the closest finishes and Re Sole held the front position to take the winner prize in a slippery and consistent time of 18.84.

Race 6 Grade 5 No 4

Serbo Hussler won the final of this race in 18.89 defeating a newcomer in Booma Amy. Serbo Hussler had despatched Adda Girl in the first round in 19.01 and Booma Amy had sent Rocker Fella rocking with a solid 19.07.

Race 7 Grade 5 No 5

Sassi Black defeated Stone Hill to make her way to the final in a handy 18.91. Her rival in the final was Zing Zing who had defeated Booma Bobby in a solid 19.22. Sassi Black put in another handy run in the final with a time of 18.83.

Race 8 Maiden No 1.

Booma Johnno defeated Go Obama in the first round with a time of 19.67; his rival for the final was Jealous Baron who defeated Lima in a time of 19.41.

Race 9 Maiden No 2.

Acer Rubra who is no newcomer to the Healesville track had a solid run of 19.16 defeating Highriding Kate to make the final. Her competitor was Power Nap who ran a time of 19.32 to reach the final in defeating Miss Midget. Acer Rubra’s winning time in the final was 19.27.

Race 10 Maiden No 3.

Don’t Get Upset put paid to Pure Purple’s tilt at a final with a slippery 18.76 run. Booma Betty made the final when she defeated Lyn Abissi in a time of 19.27. The final was won by Don’t Get Upset in the time of 19.27.

Race 11 Maiden No 4

Kimbo Black defeated Padstow Pattie in a time of 19.39 to book her place in the final against Ellie Agogo who defeated Grand Master Bee in the time of 19.34. Ellie Agogo won the final in the time of 19.47.

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